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Energize Solar
Darlington Close Installation


A concerned homeowner approached Energize Solar with rising energy bills and a desire to increase their property's value while making it more appealing to potential buyers. The Energize Solar team, known for their innovative solar solutions, crafted a comprehensive proposal to address the customer's concerns.

Customer Requirements:

  • Reduce rising energy bills.
  • Increase house value.
  • Enhance property attractiveness for potential buyers.
Solar panels on Roof - Worthing Installation

Proposed Solution:

Addressing the customer's concerns, Energize Solar recommended the following solution:

  • Solar Panel Installation:
    • 400W JA Solar all-black PV panels installed on the rear south-facing roof.
    • 400W JA Solar all-black PV panels installed on the side West-facing roofs.
  • Inverter Installation:
    • 5kW Gen 3 GivEnergy inverter to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity.
  • Battery Installation:
    • 5kWh GivEnergy DC Connected battery for storing excess energy and ensuring a continuous power supply.


Energize Solar's experienced team executed the installation with precision, ensuring optimal placement of the solar panels for maximum energy capture. The 5kW inverter and 9.5kWh battery were seamlessly integrated into the system to enhance efficiency and reliability.


The immediate impact of the Energize Solar solution was impressive. The customer experienced a substantial financial benefit, saving over 60% on their energy bills in the first month alone. This not only addressed the immediate concern of rising energy costs but also showcased the viability of sustainable energy solutions.

Value Addition:

Beyond the financial savings, the solar panel installation added tangible value to the customer's property. The sleek design of the all-black PV panels seamlessly integrated into the architecture, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the house. This not only contributed to the customer's goal of increasing house value but also made the property more attractive to potential buyers.


Energize Solar successfully addressed the customer's dual concerns of rising energy bills and property value. The implementation of solar panels, coupled with an efficient inverter and storage battery, not only provided immediate financial relief but also elevated the property's market appeal. This case exemplifies how innovative solar solutions can offer a practical and sustainable approach to both energy efficiency and property enhancement.