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Solar Panel Installer Hampshire

Solar Panel Installer Hampshire

Are you passionate about the environment? Considering solar panels in Hampshire?

With over 41,000 Households Powered by Solar Panels, Hampshire basks in substantially more sunlight than most counties, making it an ideal canvas for solar panel installations.

With a solar panel adoption rate 20% higher than the UK average, Hampshire residents are leading the charge in solar energy production. Well done!

Solar Panel Installer Hampshire: Installation Data Graph

So let’s dive into how many homes have solar panels installed in Hampshire.How many homes in Hampshire have solar panels?

As of January 2024, a remarkable 41,709 homes in Hampshire proudly display solar panels certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). This equates to 5.4% of all households in the county, covering 13 local authorities.

This statistic stands out, showcasing Hampshire’s commitment to solar energy, and it’s one-fifth higher than the 4.5% of all UK households that have embraced solar panels. It’s no surprise, considering Hampshire’s status as one of the sunniest places in the country.

And here’s the intriguing part – this county-wide tally only includes Microgeneration Certification Scheme-certified installations. The real number of homes with solar panels in Hampshire is likely even higher.

At Energize Solar, our goal is to enable further developments through the use of renewable energy products, including:

Investing in renewable energy is a natural choice if you want to contribute to what makes Hampshire sustainable, conscientious, and forward-thinking.

We install
high quality solar

We install warranted high quality solar system equipment from:

EV Adoption in Hampshire

Solar Panel Installer Hampshire - EV Adoption in Hampshire
Solar panels in Hampshire

Are you curious about the cost of solar panels in Hampshire?

The price varies depending on your property and energy needs. Factors like the number and size of panels, inverter requirements, and whether you include a battery influence the cost.

Without more details about your setup, providing an exact figure is challenging. Additionally, you can opt for extras like bird netting to shield your solar panels or a Zappi car charging port for convenient home electric vehicle charging.

Want to see how much carbon and finance you can save? Get a personalised quote for solar panels in Hampshire, with one of our experts.

Advantages of solar

Discover the advantages of adding a solar panel battery to your setup. While it's feasible to install solar panels without a battery, you'd be missing out on some fantastic benefits:

Reduction in Energy Bills Pie Graph - Solar Panel Installer Hampshire
Solar Panel Installation In Hampshire - Energize Solar
Solar Panel Installation in Hampshire

Curious about what to expect during the installation of solar panels in Hampshire? Here’s a step-by-step guide to guide you through the process:

Embark on your solar journey in Hampshire with confidence, guided by this comprehensive installation overview.

Excellence with Energize Solar

Curious about the aftercare for your solar panels?

Energize Solar ensures your solar investment is well handled without unnecessary hassle.

Solar panels are inherently low-maintenance, being self-cleaning and robust post-installation. Our dedicated team at Energize Solar collaborates with you to guarantee optimal performance, ensuring you reap the full benefits of your solar setup.

Our knowledgeable in-house team continuously monitors your solar panel yield. We pay meticulous attention to the details, maximising the efficiency of your solar panels in the Eastbourne area.

Want real-time insights into your solar panel performance?

Our user-friendly monitoring app lets you conveniently track their effectiveness on your favourite device.

For unmatched aftercare and ongoing support, contact Energize Solar today. 

Your solar journey deserves nothing less than excellence.

What our Clients say
Sunlight Levels

Hampshire revels in an abundance of sunlight, outshining much of the UK with a solar irradiance level 18% higher than the national average.

For a vivid illustration, take Winchester’s Guildhall, soaking in an impressive 1,287 kilowatt-hours per square metre (kWh/m²) on average each year. While this figure might slightly vary across the county, it provides a robust indicator of Hampshire’s solar prowess.

‘Kilowatt-hours per square metre’ quantifies the energy journeying from the sun, traversing 93 million miles of space, to a specific square metre on Earth.

Derived from the European Commission’s Photovoltaic Geographical Information System, these figures leverage the latest weather trends to measure solar irradiance.

When it comes to solar panel output, myriad factors influence energy production, with solar irradiance playing a pivotal role. As expected, the more intense the sunlight gracing your panels, the higher the kWh/m², translating to increased solar electricity production and, subsequently, higher savings.

Unlocking the Power Potential: Solar Panel Output in Hampshire

Curious about the power potential of a solar panel system in Hampshire? Brace yourself for substantial savings as a solar panel system in this sun-soaked county can generate ample power, covering a significant portion of your annual consumption and slashing your electricity bills by over half.

A Tailored Design for Savings: Hampshire Showcase

Consider a bespoke design crafted for a household in Hampshire with an approximate annual electricity consumption of 5,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). This well-thought-out design incorporates 14 solar panels, each boasting a power rating of 430 watts (W), culminating in a 6.02 kWp (kilowatt-peak) system. Under standard test conditions, utilising a solar irradiance of 1,000 W per m², this system generates 6,020 kWh per year.

Given Hampshire’s sunny disposition, the system’s actual output comes close to this level, producing an estimated 5,713 kWh per year – comfortably surpassing the household’s 5,000 kWh usage.

Savings Unveiled: The Power of Sunlight and Smart Storage

An integrated 5.2 kWh battery elevates the system, enabling the property to utilise 2,800 kWh of solar electricity per year, covering an impressive 56% of its usage and resulting in a £762 annual energy bill savings (at January 2024 prices).

The surplus 2,913 kWh is seamlessly fed back to the grid through the Intelligent Octopus Flux smart export tariff – recognised as one of the market’s best. This savvy move currently nets the household an additional £726 per year.

In sum, the property achieves a remarkable 96% reduction in its total annual electricity bill, plummeting from £1,544 to £56.

Is Solar Right for You in Hampshire? Unveiling the Savings

Wondering if it’s worth getting solar panels in Hampshire? The resounding answer is yes, in almost all scenarios.

Embracing Hampshire’s Solar Advantage

Hampshire boasts high levels of solar irradiance across the county, surpassing the UK average. This translates to even more substantial savings on your electricity bills compared to most solar-equipped households. Little wonder that 5.4% of homes in Hampshire have embraced the solar revolution.

Affordable Access with Solar Grants

If the upfront cost feels daunting, fear not. You might qualify for Solar Together, ECO4, or the Home Upgrade Grant, all potential avenues to alleviate the initial price tag.

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