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Welcome to Energize Solar, Worthing’s dedicated family-owned solar panel installer, boasting over two decades of experience.

Expert Solar Panel Installers in Worthing- William Dexter-Managing Director

William Dexter

Managing Director

Energize Solar


Meet William Dexter, our visionary Lead Engineer at Energize Solar, spearheading design and
development initiatives. With a profound understanding of solar technology and a creative
approach to problem-solving, William leads our team in conceptualizing and implementing
innovative solar solutions. His expertise in engineering and renewable energy systems
ensures that each project is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

William’s unwavering commitment to sustainability drives our mission forward, as we continue to push boundaries and pioneer advancements in solar energy technology.


Introducing Harrison Dexter, our dedicated Customer Relations Manager at Energize Solar,
serving as the friendly face behind our exceptional client experiences. With a passion for
building meaningful connections and a knack for problem-solving, Harrison ensures that
every interaction with our customers is met with professionalism and care. From initial
inquiries to post-installation support, Harrison’s attention to detail and commitment to
customer satisfaction set the standard for service excellence within our organization.

With Harrison on board, our clients can trust that their solar journey is guided by expertise,
integrity, and a genuine commitment to their needs.

Expert Solar Panel Installers in Worthing - Harrison Dexter-Director

Harrison Dexter

Managing Director

Energize Solar

Expert Solar Panel Installers in Worthing- Kingsley Gray-Team Leader

Kingsley Gray

Installation Team Leader

Energize Solar


Meet Kingsley Gray, our adept Team Leader spearheading solar panel installations at Energize Solar. With a wealth of expertise in electrical installation and solar PV installation in Worthing, Kingsley orchestrates projects with precision and finesse. His commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every installation meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Kingsley’s leadership skills inspire our team to deliver outstanding results, driving our mission to empower communities through sustainable energy solutions.


Introducing Dan Gardner, our dedicated Installer and resident electrical specialist at Energize Solar. With a knack for heights and a passion for clean energy, Dan spends his days scaling rooftops and expertly installing solar panels in Worthing. Armed with qualifications in electrical installation, Dan brings invaluable technical knowledge to every project he undertakes. His tireless work ethic and hands-on approach guarantee seamless installations that exceed expectations.

Dan’s unwavering commitment to sustainability fuels our collective efforts in shaping a greener future, one rooftop at a time.

Sam Bouckaert | proficient Installer| Solar panael installation Worthing

Sam Bouckaert


Energize Solar


Meet Sam Bouckaert, our proficient Installer specializing in inverters and batteries at Energize Solar. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for renewable energy, Sam plays a crucial role in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of our solar energy systems in Worthing. His expertise lies in installing and configuring inverters and solar batteries, essential components that optimize the performance of our solar panel installations in Worthing. Sam’s technical proficiency, coupled with his dedication to sustainable solutions, ensures that every system he touches operates seamlessly, maximizing energy generation and storage.

With Sam on the team, we continue to drive innovation and excellence in harnessing the power of the sun to power homes and businesses alike.


Meet Isobel Dexter, our invaluable Office Assistant at Energize Solar, ensuring the smooth functioning of our administrative operations. With a keen eye for organization and a proactive approach to tasks, Isobel keeps our office running like a well-oiled machine. From managing schedules and coordinating meetings to handling correspondence and providing essential support to our team, Isobel’s dedication and efficiency are the backbone of our daily operations. Her friendly demeanor and can-do attitude create a welcoming atmosphere for both colleagues and clients alike.

Isobel’s contributions behind the scenes are instrumental in facilitating our mission to deliver sustainable energy solutions with excellence and professionalism.


Isobel Dexter

Office Assistant

Energize Solar


Aggie Standing

Bookkeeping & Accounts

Energize Solar


Meet Aggie Standing, our trusted bookkeeper at Energize Solar. While running her own successful accounting firm, Aggie works closely with our team to ensure the financial health and stability of our operations. With meticulous attention to detail and a wealth of
experience in managing finances, Aggie plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of our financial systems. Her dedication to accuracy and transparency ensures that our financial records are kept in pristine order, allowing us to focus on our core mission of providing sustainable energy solutions.

Aggie’s partnership with Energize Solar exemplifies our commitment to collaboration and excellence in all aspects of our business operations.


Harry brings over a decade of experience in both marketing and renewable energy to our team. With a passion for sustainability and a keen understanding of marketing strategies, Harry is pivotal in helping clients navigate the complex landscape of renewable energy solutions. Harry is mainly in charge of the PPA division, consulting with prospects on various financial avenues.

Over the past ten years, Harry has successfully led numerous renewable energy projects, helping clients achieve their sustainability goals while maximising their marketing potential.


James is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in marketing and renewable energy consulting. His comprehensive knowledge of both industries enables him to provide innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth for our clients.

James’s career in the renewable energy sector was marked by early success, where he swiftly established himself as a trusted expert in solar, wind, and other sustainable energy sources.

His passion for promoting renewable energy solutions led him to explore the intersection of marketing and sustainability, ultimately transitioning into a dual role as a marketing and renewable energy consultant.

This is our
story, together.

“Together, we can unite in the collective effort to combat climate change, fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.”

- Will Dexter

Our Values

Energize Solar is built on the bedrock of core values—Integrity, Innovation, and Reliability.

With a commitment to professionalism and quality, seamlessly blended with core family values, we bring extensive knowledge and expertise to guide you in seamlessly integrating renewable energy into your home or business.

At Energize Solar, our commitment to doing things differently is underscored by our emphasis on Integrity, fostering an Innovative spirit, and ensuring Reliability in every aspect of our operations.


Openness & Honesty

Transparency and honesty define our project delivery approach. We respect and adapt to our clients' ideas, questions, and budgets.


Partnership & Collaboration

Our enduring partnerships are built on openness and honesty in project delivery, with a shared goal of mutual benefit.



Promoting an eco-driven future is our top priority, reflected in every aspect of our work, inside and outside the workplace.

Our Pillars

Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility
Commitment to promoting a sustainable future through the widespread adoption of solar energy.

Putting customers first by delivering personalised, reliable, and high-quality solar solutions that meet their unique needs.

Actively participating in local communities and contributing to the education and awareness of solar energy benefits.

A commitment to using top-tier components and providing robust quality assurance measures to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of solar installations.
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