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Solar panels for home are a great way of saving money, and Energize Solar are a reliable partner in choosing the right system for your energy needs.

Your story is our story and we want to help you reduce energy bills so you can invest in other areas of your life.

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With so many benefits of solar to you and your family, you’ll have to find out more.

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Residential Solar panel in worthing
Solar panel installation for home Worthing | Energize Solar
For Less, Much Less
With only the higest quality brands and accreditations, we ensure your home is fitted with the best of the best. With super sleek design, ethical sourcing practices and full warrenty, you can enjoy lifelong savings, today.
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For Less, Much Less
With only the higest quality brands and accreditations, we ensure your home is fitted with the best of the best. With super sleek design, ethical sourcing practices and full warrenty, you can enjoy lifelong savings, today.
Effortlessly track your home solar panels with an app, providing real-time power flow visuals, energy saving tips, and easy to understand charts for monitoring.
Control your energy from your smartphone. Optimise for the most efficient usage, meaning you’re in control 24/7.
Maximise savings by automatically charging your battery during low electricity rates and optimising consumption during peak hours, ensuring cost-effective energy usage.
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Energize Solar
Darlington Close Installation


A concerned homeowner approached Energize Solar with rising energy bills and a desire to increase their property's value while making it more appealing to potential buyers. The Energize Solar team, known for their innovative solar solutions, crafted a comprehensive proposal to address the customer's concerns.

Customer Requirements:

  • Reduce rising energy bills.
  • Increase house value.
  • Enhance property attractiveness for potential buyers.
Solar panels on Roof - Worthing Installation

Proposed Solution:

Addressing the customer's concerns, Energize Solar recommended the following solution:

  • Solar Panel Installation:
    • 400W JA Solar all-black PV panels installed on the rear south-facing roof.
    • 400W JA Solar all-black PV panels installed on the side West-facing roofs.
  • Inverter Installation:
    • 5kW Gen 3 GivEnergy inverter to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity.
  • Battery Installation:
    • 9.5kWh GivEnergy DC Connected battery for storing excess energy and ensuring a continuous power supply.


Energize Solar's experienced team executed the installation with precision, ensuring optimal placement of the solar panels for maximum energy capture. The 5kW inverter and 9.5kWh battery were seamlessly integrated into the system to enhance efficiency and reliability.


The immediate impact of the Energize Solar solution was impressive. The customer experienced a substantial financial benefit, saving over 60% on their energy bills in the first month alone. This not only addressed the immediate concern of rising energy costs but also showcased the viability of sustainable energy solutions.

Value Addition:

Beyond the financial savings, the solar panel installation added tangible value to the customer's property. The sleek design of the all-black PV panels seamlessly integrated into the architecture, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the house. This not only contributed to the customer's goal of increasing house value but also made the property more attractive to potential buyers.


Energize Solar successfully addressed the customer's dual concerns of rising energy bills and property value. The implementation of solar panels, coupled with an efficient inverter and storage battery, not only provided immediate financial relief but also elevated the property's market appeal. This case exemplifies how innovative solar solutions can offer a practical and sustainable approach to both energy efficiency and property enhancement.
Your Installation
Discovery Session

Our journey kicks off with an in-depth conversation, delving into your energy requirements and objectives. Our specialists evaluate your property, presenting customised solutions tailored to your needs.

Tailored Bundle

Crafting the ideal solar PV package for you is our expertise. We design a personalised solution considering your current energy needs and anticipate future demands, including the transition to electric vehicle charging and gas-to-electric heating conversion.

Seamless Implementation

Our proficient team takes charge of the installation process with precision. From setting up to commissioning your inverter battery system, we ensure a flawless execution. Rigorous testing guarantees optimal performance, ensuring your system functions flawlessly for years to come.

Handover & Monitoring

As you arrive at the final stage of your solar journey, our dedicated team seamlessly guides you through the handover process. Equipping you with essential information and tools, we ensure you’re ready to navigate your solar-powered journey with confidence and independence. But the journey doesn’t conclude here; our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond installation. Our advanced monitoring systems diligently watch over your solar setup, offering real-time insights into its performance. Oh, and if something isnt right, we’ve got the fastest response time in the industry.

Solar Battery Storage Solax Triple Power
Battery Storage

Considering battery storage in Worthing? Here are the benefits.

Questions Answered
Why should I consider installing solar panels on my home?
Installing solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills, decrease your carbon footprint, and potentially increase the value of your home.
The payback period varies based on factors like system size, location, and energy consumption. On average, homeowners can expect a payback within 6 to 10 years, with ongoing savings thereafter.
Yes, the UK government offers incentives such as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) and the Green Homes Grant, providing financial support for homeowners adopting renewable energy solutions.
The required roof space depends on the size of the solar panel system. A typical residential installation might need around 20-30 square meters for a 4 kW system.
Solar panels are generally low-maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional checks for shading or debris are recommended. Most systems come with monitoring tools to alert you to any performance issues.
Solar panels can be installed on various roof types, including pitched roofs and flat roofs. The suitability depends on factors like roof orientation, structure, and shading.
The installation timeframe for a residential solar panel system typically ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the size and complexity.
Residential solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, with most manufacturers offering performance warranties that guarantee a certain level of efficiency over a specified period.
Yes, homeowners can consider adding energy storage systems (batteries) to store excess energy generated during sunny days for later use, providing power during periods of low solar generation.
Adding solar panels to your home may impact your insurance. It’s advisable to inform your insurance provider about the installation to ensure proper coverage.
In a grid-tied system without energy storage, solar panels will automatically shut down during a power outage for safety reasons. If you have a battery system, you can continue to use stored energy during an outage.
Yes, homeowners can sell excess electricity back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), providing an additional source of income.