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Solar Battery Storage Worthing

Achieve effortless energy freedom with our Solar Systems and Smart Solar Battery Storage. No more full electricity bills. Backed by a 10-year warranty, lasting 15+ years – it’s smarter energy.

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Solar Battery Storage

Discovering the Advantages of Battery Storage

Unlock the Power Flexibility

Never waste a Kilowatt (KW) – store and use power as you please with our battery storage solutions.

24/7 Solar Utilisation

Maximise your solar investment 24/7 by using battery power for consistent energy use.

Attain Energy Independence

Cut reliance on the grid and utilise all your solar energy with a solar battery for true energy independence.

Quality Battery Storage

Utilise your home solar battery to charge from the grid at low rates during darker winter months, ensuring a radiant home year-round.

Real-Time Energy Insights

Keep tabs on energy usage with real-time data, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Solar Battery Assurance

Benefit from 10-year warranties on all solar batteries, ensuring no Kilowatt (KW) is missed.

Solar battery Storage Worthing
Your Solar Experience

Fine-tune your solar system with Energize Solar’s smart solar battery solutions in Worthing.

Though not mandatory, a battery enhances efficiency, enabling nighttime solar energy utilisation.

By lessening reliance on the grid, our solar batteries secure energy independence, bringing considerable benefits, such as annual savings of £500.

That’s the true value of solar battery storage.

72% Of Customers Said Battery Storage Made A Noticable Differece To Their Energy Bills.





Questions Answered
What is solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage refers to a system that stores excess electricity generated by solar panels during the day for later use, typically during periods when the sun is not shining.

Solar battery storage systems store excess energy produced by solar panels in batteries. The stored energy can be used during the night or when solar production is low.

Solar battery storage allows homeowners to maximize their solar energy use, reduce reliance on the grid, lower electricity bills, and gain energy independence.

The cost of a solar battery storage system varies based on factors like capacity and brand. Government incentives may also impact the overall cost.
The size of the solar battery storage system depends on factors such as your energy consumption, solar panel output, and desired level of energy independence.
Yes, in many cases, solar battery storage can be retrofitted to existing solar panel installations. However, compatibility may vary, and consulting with a professional is advisable.
The lifespan of solar batteries varies but is typically around 10 to 20 years. Regular maintenance and proper usage can impact longevity.
Yes, if your solar battery storage system is designed with backup capabilities, it can provide power during a grid outage, ensuring continuous electricity supply.
In some cases, government incentives or grants may be available to offset the cost of installing solar battery storage. Check for the latest programs in your area.
While solar panels enhance the performance of a solar battery storage system, they are not strictly required. You can charge the batteries using grid electricity, especially during off-peak hours when rates are lower.